Keilwerth Saxophones

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MMI is proud to now be carrying Keilwerth saxophones.  These instruments are made in Germany using the highest quality materials insuring the most durable construction and consistent resonance and sound.  All key work and mechanics are created by hand to ensure the most precise fit and accurate performance.  This high level of workmanship is realized through every aspect of the build, from the key work to the hand soldered posts and tone hole rings.

The Julius Keilwerth SX90R Saxophone allows the player to shape their music.  With innovative bore and bow designs and signature "rolled tone holes" feature, this model is reminiscent of the "big tone" saxophones of the 1940's but with modern precision and quality manufacturing.

The outstanding feature of the SX90R is the Rolled Tone Holes.  A brass ring is hand soldered on to each precision drawn tone hole, creating a "bell" effect at each one.  While adding to the Keilwerth signature sound, it also adds duration to the life of the pads.

The Keilwerth SX90R is the only saxophone to offer the amazing Adjustable Palm Keys.  This allows the player to customize the palm keys to fit their hands perfectly and maximize their comfort and precision.

In The Factory: Making Keilwerth Saxophones

Keilwerth SX90R  professional saxophones come in four different types of lacquers to meet the needs of every player.  One of the newest versions of the SX90R  is the Vintage. (See pic below)


These saxophones are also available in the traditional Gold Lacquer, Black Nickel and the dazzling Shadow.


All Keilwerth Saxophones are delivered as an outfit including case, mouthpiece, ligature  and cap, swab, neck strap, cork grease, key wrench, and reed.

Alternative saxophone necks are offered for those who wish to explore the range of sounds they can achieve as they identify their own voice.

Cases have been designed to fit the instruments perfectly and provide outstanding protection while offering functional and convenient features as well.

For more information please contact Brandon or call 1-800-926-5587 (Local) 612-331-4717