What to Know When Purchasing an Oboe

Thinking about purchasing a new or used oboe? Here’s a helpful guide to what to look for when shopping for that perfect oboe for you. Materials Wood is the typical material to make an oboe, with Grenadilla at the top of the list. More exotic, such as Cocobolo, Rosewood, and Violetwood are occasionally used for […]


The Benefits of Playing a Music

Whether you’re into Beethoven, Bechet or Bowie, the benefits of playing a musical instrument are unending. Although some of these benefits are common knowledge, many are things you might not be aware of, even if you’re already a musician. Here is a list of just some of them:


Identifying Your Plastic Model Fox Bassoon

Fox bassoons can sometimes be difficult to identify by sight. With so many models, and with historically sparse labeling, it can be tricky to know exactly what you have in front of you. Some keywork options can make different models initially appear the same, so you can’t go with some of the more obvious features […]


4 Reasons Music is Good for Your Health

Whether you’re the person behind the instrument or you’re listening to it through your earbuds, science supports the long-believed fact that music is good for more than the soul. A good song has the ability to add fun to even the most mundane workout and creating that song can relieve stress and improve cognitive function. […]


4 Audition Tips for Musicians – Dealing with Audition Nerves

In the weeks leading up to a big audition, it isn’t uncommon for musicians to spend night after night tossing and turning. The only thing more nerve-wracking than the audition is the fact that you’re so nervous about it. What if you’re so nervous when you sit down to audition that you can’t play? There […]


Standing While Playing the Bassoon

If you’re an American trained bassoonist, chances are your first bassoon came with a seat strap, and you were taught to play sitting down with a seat strap. As far as I have observed, this is a purely American way of holding the bassoon while playing. It’s also clearly only something that bassoonists can do […]


5 Ways Musicians Can Use Social Media

As musicians are honing their musical talents in an effort to win audiences, social media is increasingly drawing attention away. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are growing accustomed to receiving entertainment in short, free bursts, rather than enjoying an hour or more of a performance at a concert hall or auditorium. To reach today’s audiences, it’s important […]


Expert Performance Tips for Amateur Musicians

Many musicians begin playing because of a love for the art itself. When it’s just a musician and an instrument, performing can be a euphoric experience. But stepping on a stage with an audience of any size can alter the musician-instrument bond, leaving musicians terrified and unsure of themselves. For a musician who is new […]


Fox Bocal Information

In 2010, Fox introduced a new line of their already very popular double star bocals, the R2. These bocals are even in tone color and responsive across the range. There are some variables to look at when considering a Fox bocal. All of the Fox double-star R2 bocals start with the letter C, followed by […]

Puchner Bocal Information

Puchner is historically one of the most well-respected bassoon manufacturing firms in the world, with a history dating back to the early 19th century. Puchner bocals have undergone many revisions through the years, with modern bocals finding their way to many major symphony and concert halls across the country. While other manufacturers have dozens of […]

Dear Midwest, I just received my oboe and English horn back from you all in the mail, and of course couldn’t wait to get some reeds out and play them. All I can say over and over... read more >