Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone Metal Ligature[for small rubber mouthpiece] Solid Silver with Pink Gold Plate


Hand made ligature
Inverted type
Made of Metal

Each material and finish has the following sound character;
Brass --- resonant and bright sound
Brass with gold plate --- powerful and bright sound
Brass with pink gold plate --- moderately bright and warm sound
Brass with brushed satin finish --- comfortable resistance and massive sound
Solid silver --- rich and warm sound
Solid silver with pink gold plate --- comfortable resistance and round sound

※The screw of SATIN GP(Brass with brushed satin finish) is GP(Gold plate).

【Regarding Size of the ligatures】
For SLIMMER rubber mouthpieces like Vandoren V16, not for Selmer.

[The following mouthpieces also would be recommend to fits this WS ligature.]
・Mouthpiece café Primo rubber for Tenor
・Ted Klum Florida rubber for Tenor
・Ted Klum FocusTone Tonamax rubber for Tenor
・Vandoren Optimum TL3 rubber for Tenor
・Vandoren V5 rubber for Tenor
・Vandoren V16 rubber for Tenor
・Berg Larsen rubber for baritone

[Caution] (From Woodstone)
There is a possibility that some synthetic reeds that are thinner than a traditional cane reed cannot be available for Wood Stone ligatures.
The product’s page is updated periodically. The stock display may be different from the actual one.
We appreciate for your understanding.

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