Wood Stone Ishimori Tenor Saxophone Ligature for Otto Link Metal Mouthpiece (Small), Gold Plate


Hand made ligature
Inverted type
Made of Metal

Sound character;
Brass with gold plate --- powerful and bright sound
Solid silver --- rich and warm sound

【Regarding Size of the ligature】
S … Corresponding slimmer vintage mouthpiece than current products
M … Corresponding current products(Accompanying genuine cap is normal model that made of metal.)
L … Corresponding current products(NY model or accompanying genuine cap is normal model, made of plastic.)

[The following mouthpieces also would be recommend to fits this WS ligature.]
・Hollywood Dukoff metal for Tenor
・Jody Jazz metal DV CHI for Tenor


[Caution - from Wood Stone]
・There is a possibility that some synthetic reeds that are thinner than a traditional cane reed cannot be available for Wood Stone ligatures.

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