Walters-Moore English horn shaper tip


The result of a collaborative project between Robert Walters, English horn of the Cleveland Orchestra, and Thomas Moore, 4-time Grammy award winning record producer and oboe/english hornist, we proudly present the Walters-Moore English horn Shaper tip! Available exclusively here at Midwest Musical Imports, the Walters-Moore tip is a fantastic addition to the already diverse selection of tips we currently have available. We have no doubt you'll have tremendous success with this shape!
Recommended Dimensions:
Tie length: 60mm
Wrap (0 ref) 6.0mm
Throat (+3)  6.4mm
Belly (+13)  7.5mm
Tip (+23mm)  8.1mm

A note from the creators:

"This new English Horn shaper tip was created as a collaboration between two long time friends whose passion for the art of  English Horn playing fueled their design.  Through this partnership, we have created a tip that provides players with all the qualities that we look for in a great reed. We now make this design available to everyone."
-Thom Moore
"At long last, an English horn shaper tip that provides all the attributes most important to me as an orchestral player. A tight sealing blank, a pure scale you can taste, tonal depth and singing projection."
Robert Walters
Principal English Horn
The Cleveland Orchestra


“I have been using the WM english horn shaper tip as my “go to” tip ever since I got it. It has depth of sound, along with stability of registers, that I find indispensable in my orchestral life. It is supremely well made and is an absolute gem. Kudos to Thom Moore and Rob Walters for making this available!!”
Christopher Philpotts
Principal English Horn, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

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