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Used Loree 'B' Copy, serial #UWxx


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At a Glance:

  • Full Conservatory (Includes 3rd octave & F resonance)
  • Lined Upper joint
  • Philadelphia D Adjustment
  • No low B resonance

The B copy oboes, introduced a few years back, have become a popular selection for oboists across the US. Based on the original B series instruments produced in the 60s, the B copies are a journey into the past. The tone holes on the B copies are slightly smaller tone holes than the 'modern' Loree instruments, the bore of the instrument is longer and narrower which effectively 'lengthens' the instrument resulting a deeper, more focused tone, and the dimensions in the upper & lower portion of the bore have been altered slightly based on measurements of De Lancie's oboes. The overall result is an oboe that more closely resembles the instruments played in the Philadelphia orchestra during De Lancie's tenure.

This particular B copy dates from 2019 and has been serviced regularly and maintained by top oboe repair techs. Crackwork in the top joint has been professionally done, cleaned up, and tested in our shop. The seal is excellent. A full service and routine maintenance was performed prior to its listing. The oboe plays extremely well and has a beautiful tone, excellent response, and very even in scale. Comes with a 1-year 'new crack' & maintenance warranty. Sold in original Loree hard case w/nylon case cover. Contact the oboe department at 800.926.5587 for trial information and availability.

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