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Used Heckel Bassoon #12xxx


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At a Glance

  • Built ca. 1979
  • Protected by a blue nylon BAM St. Germain case
  • Comes with a Fox **CVX2 bocal

This instrument has a great sound! When this instrument come to the shop, several tone holes had inserts that we felt were a detriment to its overall performance. However, we have removed many of these and reset the instrument close to its baseline performance level, which has dramatically improved its tone color and clarity. It has a powerful tone that can easily cut through an orchestra. The bassoon also has great response and comfortable keywork. The tone quality in the highest and lowest octaves is very clear and can easily project as needed. Additionally, this bassoon has extra rollers, a double wide pinky F#, and an Ab-Bb trill.

Heckel bassoons are widely considered the best bassoons. While this bassoon could use a little bit of work to put in its best playable condition, to replace a couple older pads, it already plays great will serve a professional player very well.

This bassoon has seen professional use. It has also received maintenance by Paul Nordby in the past!

MMI has done a decent amount of work to this instrument, but it is still being sold as-is. Since this bassoon has a Fox bocal with it, MMI can help you match a bocal to it. We've already tried several options on this instrument that you might be interested in.

The check price for this bassoon is $47,500.

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