Uebel Classic-L Bb Clarinet


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The Classic is the entry model to the professional level. Its energetic sound, evenness, and great flexibility makes it the perfect performance level instrument. Its ergonomically efficient key work, combined with heavy silver plating and highest quality leather pads make for a comfortable and rewarding playing experience. This clarinet includes the additional Eb lever key on the left side (L).

Features include:

• 17 keys
• 6 rings
• selected seasoned Grenadilla wood
• ergonomically optimized design
• undercut tone holes “Classic” bore
• adjustable thumbrest with ring
• leather pads
• silver plated keywork
• ESM mouthpiece
• Vandoren reed
• Rovner ligature
• X-Light case

Available in Bb, A and Eb models, and in Green Line material

A word from the US Uebel team: This performance level instrument provides a lot of professional features with low resistance and quick response. Its naturally dried Grenadilla wood, double silver plated keywork, undercut tone holes, and refined bore make it a great pick for ambitious students, doublers, or anyone who is not quite ready for the commitment of a pro instrument.


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