Shooting Star Oboe Reeds

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Shooting Star Oboe reeds, hand scraped - medium tip opening, recommended for intermediate to advanced players.

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2 reviews for Shooting Star Oboe Reeds

  1. emilyrosegalloway (verified owner)

    Holy smokes! I almost don’t want to review this, because they might sell out! I honestly want to cry, because it’s been a decade or more since I’ve purchased a reed that played so beautifully for me, without any adjustment. I’ve played oboe for over 15 years, and I rehearse weekly, but I do not play or practice every day. I prefer a softer, shorter reed than many oboists. This is a perfect reed for me. This is my first time purchasing this brand, but if the quality and thickness of these reeds is consistent, I will buy as many as I can afford.

  2. adrianne.blanchard1016 (verified owner)

    Came completely closed up! And i bought 2!...what is going with quality control!? I'm not happy

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