Marigaux Oboe Staples


NEW! We're pleased to welcome the Marigaux oboe staples to our staple line-up! Designed specifically for the Marigaux oboes, these staples enhance the many qualities of the characteristic Marigaux sound. We currently stock them in 47mm length, brass composition, and #1, #1SL, and #2 bore.  The #1 staple will work for all models but is particularly recommended for the 901 model. The #1SL or 'SuperLegga' is the same dimension as the #1 but is a thin-walled version which allows for quicker vibration. The #1SL is a good option for those who like the #1 staple but are looking for something lighter. The #2 staple has been designed specifically for the Marigaux M2 oboes but can work on all models. Like the #1SL, the #2 staples are thin-walled and have a lighter feel.

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