Marigaux M2 Oboe

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The Marigaux M2 oboe is the only instrument of its kind in today's market and is truly unique.  A full conservatory, all grenadilla oboe - the M2 offers a new spin on the traditional instruments.  The top and bottom joints are now fused into one piece allowing for the player to change head-joints.  The smaller head-joints are interchangeable and allow the player to truly customize their sound for tuning, depth, color etc.  The head-joints are available in grenadilla or special-order resin top-joints for extreme temperature changes.  The re-design of the main body allows for improved intonation in the middle register, specifically the half-hole notes as well as new ergonomic key design and placement.  These oboes come in a Bam high-tech case designed specifically for these oboes and the separate head-joints.  A wonderful addition to the Marigaux line of instruments we sell.

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