LC Double Reed Non-Slip Mat


This non-slip silicone map is the perfect addition to your reed-making work space. Perfect for stone sharpening or machines, it'll keep your equipment in a safe position while you work! Check out more information from LC Double Reeds below.

*Following information taken directly from LC Double Reeds

Food-grade silicone non-slip mat which is perfect for holding your stones still while knife sharpening, keeping your mandrel steady when forming bassoon reed blanks, or holding your machines still while processing cane (perfect for desks where using a C-Clamp isn’t a viable option.) It is very easy to clean with regular soap and water and creates a very powerful grip to the desk. It easily accommodates all sharpening stones as well as gouging and profiling machines (even those with a large desk footprint.) It is the perfect size for travel, it is flexible and can quickly be rolled up and put into your travel bag, and can easily be trimmed with scissors to fit your space.


14x11 inches (LxW), 1.5mm thick

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