Kunibert Gouged Oboe Cane


In partnership with OboeShop.de in Germany, we're pleased to not only be a North American Kunibert dealer but we're now offering Kunibert gouged oboe cane! This cane is hand-processed in Germany on Kunibert Machines with the traditional American set-up (11 bed/11 blade). Through meticulous sorting, we're able to offer cane gouged in both Alliaud and Rigotti 10/10.5 & 10.5/11 with 3 center measurement ranges: 56-58mm, 57-59mm, and 58-60mm. This allows you as the reed maker to choose a center measurement that best suits your scrape!

We're incredibly excited to bring you this partnership and the opportunity to work with cane on the stunning Kunibert Machines!



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