Fox Bassoon Straight Shapers


Fox Straight Shapers come in a large variety of specifications. We offer the standard Fox #1, #2, #3, and K shapes. For custom shapes, we stock SVH (Sakakeeny Van Hoesen).

Fox makes a huge range of straight shapers for bassoon and contrabassoon. Please note that custom shapers have a sharp increase in price. If you would like to discuss ordering a custom shape for bassoon or contra, please call the bassoon department.

Straight shapers work best with razor blades. Single-edge blades or hobby knife blades deliver the best results, but use the tool that works best for you. Always lean the shaper against a stationary surface when shaping, and watch your fingers. Cut away from your body as much as possible. Some reed makers use sandpaper to smooth the edges of a piece of shaped cane. Do not sand the cane while held in the shaper, this will change the shape.

Need gouged or gouged or profiled cane? Check out the brands we carry here.


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