Buffet Crampon Tosca Bb Green Line Clarinet


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The Tosca clarinet represents the fruits of extensive experience and innovation, launching Buffet Crampon into the 21st century. The top clarinet of the R13 bore family, the Tosca produces a dark, rich, and velvety tone that is even, flexible and responsive across all registers. Additionally, it incorporates brand new tone hole placement and a low F correction key to ensure superb intonation, and also includes new ergonomic key designs for optimum hand position. Fortified by elegance, incomparable style, beauty of tone, and high level of comfort, the Tosca is distinguished as one of Buffet's top models.

The Green Line series of clarinets was introduced by Buffet in 1994 in order to protect clarinets from the devastating affects of extreme weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. Green Line clarinets are manufactured the same way as their all-wood counterparts but are made of 95% grenadilla powder and 5% carbon fibers, eliminating the risk of cracking.

Features include:
-R13 poly-cylindrical bore design
-Green Line body
-New tone hole placement (improved intonation)
-New ergonomic key design
-Low F correction key
-Ringless bell (improved response)
-Silver plated keys
-Left hand Eb/Ab key
-Metal-capped tenons
-Two barrels
-Carbon fiber case

Available in Bb, A, Eb and Bass models, and in Green LinE material

All of our professional clarinets are hand-selected at either the Buffet Crampon headquarters in the US, or the factory in France. After hand-selection, the instruments receive a complete set-up in our repair shop. This includes: resurfacing tone holes, pad upgrades, pad reseating and leveling, key fitting, and tension adjustments. Once the set-up is complete, our clarinet repair technician will play-test the instrument to ensure everything is in good working order from a repair standpoint, and then one of our clarinetists will play-test it to ensure everything is good from a player's perspective. We do this at no additional charge for you (work is valued at $450).


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