Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat


Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome- Replaces the DB-66. The new DB-60 is priced to please, yet it doesn't disappoint in the feature department. This handy little timekeeper can lay down the click in style. For practicing a particular song, it's important to set the metronome to match the feel of the song, so along with the basic metronome functions, the DB-60 offers a variety of rhythm patterns such as 8-beat grooves, waltz, bossa nova, and more. Wide variety of rhythm patterns Quickly create original ryhthm patterns with the Note-Mixing function Loop Play function for calling up memory settings and playing the rhythm patterns for any number of times Tap Tempo, Timer, and Stopwatch functions Standard Pitch function for tuning instruments Memory function for storing independent tempos for each song Backlit display

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