Blue Moon Bassoon Reeds


Blue Moon Bassoon reeds are made with an emphasis on ease of articulation and stability, making these reeds accessible to a wide range of players. These reeds work particularly well for beginners and often suit professionals as well, such as the reedmaker herself!

Standard reeds begin with Rigotti Van Hoesen Shape Cane from Barton Cane. Each bassoon reed is formed, sealed with hot glue, and finished by hand. Reeds are cut to a length of 55mm, tip profiled on a Rieger tip profiler, and then finished by hand before being tested for stability, intonation, and tone quality and then sanitized.

Note: Handcrafted bassoon reeds are not typically rated by strength, but Blue Moon Bassoon reeds would be comparable to a store-bought medium hardness. They are designed to be comfortable enough for beginners and strong enough to play with characteristic tone throughout the range of the bassoon.

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