Adjustment Kit - Deluxe


The Deluxe Adjustment Kit for bassoon reeds features everything a bassoonist needs to work on finished reeds. Compared to the economy kit, the deluxe adjustment kit comes with many tools that are imported from our premium manufacturers, such as Rieger and Reeds 'n' Stuff. The Rieger mandrel has a comfortable handle and a high-quality steel mandrel tip. The Reeds 'n' Stuff pliers have excellent wire-cutting blades as well as a contour groove for rounding out reeds. The Goldbaum plaque boasts a unique design that more closely follows the contour of the bassoon reed taper from center to side. The Rigotti knife is the industry-standard double hollow grind, used by bassoonists and oboists all over the world. The medium grit triangle file allows you to take off more cane in a single swipe, while still letting you smooth and scrape gently.

The deluxe adjustment kit comes with:

  • Rieger Mandrel #F5
  • Reeds 'n' Stuff Pliers
  • Goldbaum Bassoon Plaque
  • Rigotti Double Hollow Ground (DHG) knife - long blade
  • Diamond Triangle File, medium grit
  • Wilson Single Leather Tool Pouch

This kit will set you up for reed success!

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