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Whether you are an experienced musician or just getting started, our conservatory trained specialists can help you find the right bassoon for your needs. Our bassoon try before you buy program is a great way to test a bassoon without being locked into an instrument that may not be ideal for you. Our experts will help you find a bassoon that aligns with your skill level and ensure it gets delivered to your door for a week long trial session.

To set up your bassoon trial, please provide us with your contact information and a brief message. Additionally, you can call us at 1-800-926-5587 and a specialist will discuss trial options with you.

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    Looking for More Bassoon Services?

    Not looking to try one of our bassoons? MMI offers additional services for whatever you may be looking for. From reviewing our instrument inventory to requesting routine maintenance from one of skilled repair technicians, we are here to help.

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    MMI is proud to be an invaluable resource for musicians of all abilities. Our team is here to provide our customers with the care and expertise that has come from years of performing and teaching. Since 1983, our goal has been to help musicians find exactly the right instrument for their musical needs and aid in their development.

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