Oboe Summer Goals

Oboe Summer Goals

Not going to a festival or studying privately, but want to up your musical game between the summer months?  What can you do on your own to improve your playing?  Grab a tuner, metronome, and one of these methods!  Challenge yourself with my picks for the top oboe method books for practice and self-teaching:

Barret Oboe Method- These progressive etudes have an opera aria influence, and chiefly are used for studying musicality.  Valuable technique studies are also included in this method.  There is a version edited by Martin Schuring, which is much easier to read; it is missing some prose discussing oboe basics, including breathing and articulation.

Ferling 48 Studies- A classic of the oboe etude world, the Ferling studies feature alternating fast/slow etudes in all keys. An excellent choice for improving technique and musicality.

Vade Mecum- Compiled by Albert Andraud, this large book contains various scale/arpeggio exercises and progressive etudes from a variety of pedagogues, including Barret and Ferling.  There are also many orchestral excerpts for oboe  and English horn.

Basic Technique by Jack Snavely- Originally for saxophone, these scale studies work perfectly on oboe, as the instruments have similar ranges. This is a serious scale book, including all major/minor scales as well as a variety of chordal patterns in each key. This book paired with a metronome will move your technique to a whole new level.