Walter Soloist Model Bassoon

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"What could be nicer than building an instrument and then making it sound good?"

Made exclusively from Sycamore maple, the Walter bassoons are three-time winners of the German Musical Instrument Prize. These hand-made instruments boast remarkable response, and a lovely sound made possible by the distinct craftsmanship of the maker. As a result, these bassoons now feature in orchestras all over the world.

The Walter bassoon feels comfortable in the hands, despite its size. This is due to the ergonomic design of the instrument. Silver plating covers all of the key work and bocals. This instrument also features a unique gasket design for the U-tube, designed to trap moisture more effectively. The bassoon respond easily in every register and dynamic level, making it an excellent choice for even the most seasoned orchestral players.

Walter Bassoon Additional Features

All Walter bassoons include a double low C touch, balance hanger, and 13 rollers. The full professional key work also includes high D and E keys, a left-hand whisper key lock, and an A bridge.

Walter Customization

Walter bassoons have several additional options available to them. Each instrument is hand-made to order, so the options presented on the bassoons at MMI do not represent an exhaustive list. The MMI options are subject to change based on popularity.

Popular options include: Ab-Bb trill key, right hand Eb trill key, divided long joint, right hand whisper key lock, and French whisper key. Please call our bassoon specialists today about the options on our currently available instruments!

Walter bassoons also come with a polishing cloth, hand rest, and a Marcus Bonna case.

Call our bassoon specialists today to check on the availability of our Walter bassoons!

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