Wolf Fg8+ Mini Bassoon


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The Wolf Fg8+ is a wonderful little instrument! Intended for use by 5-7-year-olds, this instrument allows a young student to learn the bassoon before they can wield a full-size instrument. The Fg8+ has more keys than the base Fg8, which brings it much closer in look and feel to a full-size bassoon. Although intended for use by children, adults can still play these instruments, although results may vary.

Fingerings for this instrument are equivalent to bassoon fingerings but please bear in mind that it is a transposing instrument. This instrument is pitched 1 octave above a regular bassoon. When reading bassoon music, the sounding pitch will be an octave higher than the notes being read. Please also note that some tone holes on this instrument do not have keys, and the thumbs need to be used to cover these tone holes.

We recognize that it makes less sense for parents to purchase an instrument like this when they will eventually be switching to a full bassoon. As a result, this bassoon is available for rent! We do highly recommend finding a bassoon teacher before renting a Wolf Fg8+, however.

There is only one Fg8+ in our program at this time. Please call for availability if you are interested! This is a new item so we will try to accommodate people's needs.

This bassoon is protected by a "Lupobag" bassoon case specially designed for the mini bassoons. It comes with one bocal, a swab, and a neck strap. Regular bassoon reeds work on this bassoon! No special reeds necessary, although full bassoon reeds are not optimized for these instruments.

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