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Open Box - Buffet R13 Green Line Bb Clarinet, silver-plated keys, S# 760290

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This "Open-Box" clarinet is brand new but has been on multiple trials and/or to multiple shows and conventions where it has seen additional play time. However, it is functionally a new clarinet with a full manufacturer warranty!

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The Buffet R13, legendary choice of professionals, was created in 1955 by Robert Carree and is the most popular clarinet in the world. The R13 was the first clarinet to feature Buffet's iconic poly-cylindrical bore design, giving it a beautiful, brilliant and focused tone, and allowing for evenness, flexibility, clear response, and excellent intonation across all its registers. Buffet's R13 is the industry standard and a living classic, lending itself to all types of repertoires and ensembles.

The Green LinE series of clarinets was introduced by Buffet in 1994 in order to protect clarinets from the devastating affects of extreme weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. Green LinE clarinets are manufactured the same way as their all-wood counterparts but are made of 95% grenadilla powder and 5% carbon fibers, eliminating the risk of cracking.

Features include:

-R13 poly-cylindrical bore design
-Green LinE body
-Silver plated keys
-Leather covered attache case


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