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Open Box - Seles Muse by Selmer Bb Clarinet Evolution/Silver Keys S#S06553

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This "Open-Box" clarinet is brand new but has been on multiple trials and/or to multiple shows and conventions where it has seen additional play time. However, it is functionally a new clarinet with a full manufacturer warranty!

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Now's your chance to try this amazing new innovation in Selmer Paris's clarinet technology at an amazing price. This instrument has been displayed at our industry conferences but has never been owned. It still holds the original manufacturer warranty, has been professionally setup and play tested for optimal performance. Call today to setup a trial! 612-331-4717!

Building on the success of the new generation of clarinets (PrivilĂšge, PrĂ©sence, Prologue), the Bb and A Muse clarinets have been designed for musicians seeking instruments offering a very precise and direct response. The Muse clarinets evoke the artists’ source of inspiration to lead them to creative freedom, beauty, universal harmony...

For four years, the Henri SELMER Paris development team and orchestra clarinet players from different countries brought together for this project, have been combining their knowledge and experience to produce the Muse set of professional clarinets.

With optimized ergonomics, tone rich in harmonics and well calibrated intonation with precise intervals, Muse clarinets were designed to become both tools and accomplices for clarinet players. They benefit from the excellent manufacturing quality of Henri SELMER Paris clarinets, carefully selected woods and an outstanding reliability thanks to the EVOLUTION★ lined bore system (increased stability and longevity).

The Muse clarinets have a clear, colorful, warm tone. Musicians are also attracted by its ease of response, its accuracy and its great homogeneity (in the intervals and switching from note to note).

New conical bores for both 64 and 65mm barrels
New conical bores of the body
G# C# precision optimized by a raised tone hole
New geometry of the holes
New bell bores
Placement and correction tone hole of low F and E notes on the lower joint.

Echo mouthpiece: Echo is a universal mouthpiece suitable for all clarinetists and the first Henri SELMER Paris clarinet mouthpiece to be entirely manufactured on a digitally controlled machine, giving it an unprecedented production stability.
PRiSMe single or double case
Silver-plated ligature and cap
Maintenance kit (swab, cork grease, soft cloth)


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