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Our flute repair specialist, Brian, is happy to help with flute repair. Feel free to bring in your instrument for an assessment. After dropping your flute off, you’ll receive a well-informed decision on whether we can complete the necessary servicing and how long it will take. Have a question? Brian is available to answer all your questions or concerns — contact us today!

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     We are happy to take a look at your flute for minor repair needs. Whether you have an issue with a pad or need help with a troublesome tenon, we are here to help! Many flute adjustments can be repaired the day you come in. We do our very best to get your flute back into playing condition quickly.

    General Maintenance
    Flutes should be maintained by a repair technician at least once a year. At this time, it is a great option to fully disassemble, clean rods and hinge tubes, replace necessary key silencers and up to 4 pads, check the seal on all pads and regulate the instrument. Our flute specialist, Brian, does a great job tailoring to ensure a fine-tuned instrument. Hand polishing the keys and flute body is included. Wooden flutes will be oiled if needed.

    Professional Set-ups
    Brian, our flute repair specialist, understands the attention to detail professional players look for. They will take the time to work through your requests whether it be key height, spring tension or anything else! We want your flute playing and feeling great and we’ll keep working until it’s right.