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Find the bassoon of your dreams from our inventory of used bassoons. Our team of professionals carefully examines each instrument that is brought in for consignment to ensure you are receiving a usedinstrument that will perform at peak condition and play its best.

Our bassoon consignment services also allow you to sell your current bassoon if you are interested in playing a new instrument. Let us help you find your gently used bassoon a new home! For further information, contact MMI today.

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    MMI offers a variety of instrument services outside of bassoon consignment. From instrument repair to accessories, rental, and financing your purchase, MMI offers it all. Select a service below to find out more.

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    At MMI, we take great pride in our musical expertise and helping our customers find the right instrument, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician. As fellow musicians, our expertise ranges from instrument repair to offering lessons and so much more.

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