Tropical Contrabassoon Reeds & Blanks


The Tropical Contrabassoon Reeds are made using the combination of the best-processed cane and the expertise of a bassoonist with a professional career in the US and South America. Every step of the reed making process is carefully inspected by the maker, which has more than seven years of experience making contrabassoon reeds. Stable intonation, excellent response, and beautiful sound are the trademark of Tropical Reeds. The contrabassoon reeds are made using the Rieger K1 shaper with a 34mm tube and a 34-33mm blade. The Contrabassoon Blanks are made with the same shaper and tube length, but with a 37mm uncut blade.

Once you receive your reeds, the wires will probably be loose, that is normal and happens when the reed has dried for a few days. They should be soaked for 10-15 min before the first use so the cane can expand and the wire won't be loose anymore. If the wires are still tight after a 15min initial soak, they will need to be tightened so the reed can function optimally.

Every Tropical reed and blank comes in 6 colors: dark green, neon yellow, purple, navy, red, orange, and grey. We can send the colors you want if they are in stock.



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