Selmer Paris 82SIG Signature Alto Saxophone


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The Signature alto embodies the evolution of the Super Action 80 Series II model, which has made a significant impact on the history of the saxophone since its release in 1986. While retaining the sound characteristics of the Series II, the Selmer Signature offers improved accuracy, especially in the high register, and enhances the emission of the low register.

Its ergonomics, also inspired by the Series II to meet the needs of all musicians, benefit from the latest innovations developed for the Supreme: a new 3-point neck receiver system for better sound homogeneity, a nickel-silver tightening ring for greater density in this sensitive zone, an octave key with Teflon supports for more mechanical fluidity.

Adorned with an original Art Deco-style engraving paying homage to the age-old techniques passed down from generation to generation within the Selmer Paris factory since 1919, the Signature alto is both a traditional saxophone and a beacon of modernity.


  • The generous and round sound of the Series II with improved pitch accuracy and response
  • Mechanical innovations taken from the Supreme model
  • Immense richness of timbre suited to all musical genres
  • Great flexibility of play
  • Great projection capacity
  • A refined aesthetic
  • A line of specific accessories


  • Key: Alto E-flat
  • Range: Low B-flat to high F-sharp
  • Neck receiver with concentric three-point tightening
  • Adjustable neck receiver tightening ring in nickel-silver
  • Fine gold gilded metal thumb supports
  • Keys inlaid with natural mother-of-pearl
  • Leather pads with riveted metal resonators
  • Exclusive Signature engraving
  • Signature gold lacquer
  • Concept mouthpiece
  • Exclusive Signature case


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