Royal Polaris Adjustable Clarinet Barrels


Features of this unique barrel include:

-Naturally aged and dried African Blackwood
-4 point ring that allows for easily measured and repeatable adjustments, marked in .25mm increments from 64mm to 68mm
-Single twist smooth mechanism, using a double metal sleeve / socket to help prevent dimensional changes from influencing ring motion

From Royal Global: The Polaris adjustable clarinet barrel is manufactured from a whole piece of naturally aged grenadilla wood. Patent-pending technology with a unique internal design allow the clarinetist to adjust pitch with a center ring mechanism. Four indicators milled on the ring allow for easily repeatable adjustments, with marks every .25mm. There is no tenon gap created by pulling out the barrel to lower pitch, allowing for a more resonant, connected sound and reducing the possibility of leaking when adjusting. The length is adjustable from 64mm to 68mm and works for both Bb and A clarinets with "standard" size tenons (Buffet, Selmer Paris, Yamaha, etc.)

Available in:
Silver - Focused, centered sound, resonant
Gold - Powerful, deep sound, with wide range of harmonics
Pink Gold - Darker and more mellow than the gold, "warmer" sound
Black Nickel - Rich, complex, with the most "hold" to the sound - this model designed in collaboration with clarinetist Sergio Bosi.

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