Reeds 'n Stuff Bassoon Straight Shapers


New! The Bassoon Straight Shapers from Reeds 'n Stuff offer new options for some of the bassoon world's most popular shapes.

Shapers come in a box with a canvas pouch, and a set of silicone pegs the help shaping cane that is profiled. Only insert these when shaping profiled cane!

In order to guarantee absolute symmetry, Reeds 'n Stuff manufactures their straight shapers using the latest CNC technology. Through complex hardening processes, the contour remains unchanged.

R1A -

A: 14.70     B: 13.40     C: 9.40     D: 9.70     E: 120


A: 14.80     B: 12.90     C: 9.50     D: 10.20     E: 120


A: 15.37     B: 13.39     C: 9.40     D: 9.20     E: 120


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