Reeds 'N Stuff Bassoon Profiler


This is such an incredible profiling machine. Very versatile and customizable so you can adjust the profile in many different ways. All the wrenches needed to make any adjustement on the machine are included. The ramp is adjustable so that you can independently adjust the slope of the tip compared to the slope of the back section of the blade, and you can control where those two slopes meet relative to the center of the cane. The overall height is adjusted with a slow-turn locking screw on the carriage blade area. The blade carriage itself has a comfortable wooden handle, and moves on a ball bearing meachanism that is incredibly smooth. You can easily adjust the profile blade length with a set of lock screws that adjust the stop positions of the blade carriage. Scoring tools that set the collar and center line can be independently adjusted for height and position. Click on the images for a detailed description of the primary mechanisms on this machine. Ships for free via UPS ground.

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