Protec Saxophone Neck Strap - Neoprene, Metal Snap, Strong Cord, Size 24" Tall


Protec's saxophone padded neoprene neck straps offer a comfortable and secure fit without the annoying stretch found in other brands. Each strap features a metal swivel snap, easy-grip length adjustment mechanism, and a strong, supportive cord.

  •  Neoprene neck pad: Thick and comfortable pad offers soft support without stretching.
  • Slider: Durable and smooth for easy length adjustments, allowing for seamless transitions between instruments. Ergonomically curved with easy-grab grooved sides.
  • Metal snap: Strong custom-designed metal swivel snap featuring a rubber coating to prevent eyelet wear.
  • Strong cord: No bulky and distracting straps! Just a simple but strong cord that will support your instrument and stay discreet.
  • Reinforced stitching: Strong custom-molded pad ends featuring reinforced stitching. Blackout design blends in well with performance wear.


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