MusEcho Beve-llow DHG Knives


A Brand new Double Hollow Ground knife by MusEcho.
The knife is years of studying and experimenting, the "Bev-llow" shape is at the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, you can hear almost no noise while scraping, it shows the steadiness, smoothness and strength of the blade.  The hardness for the "H" blade is RC 61 and is the hardest metal on the market right now.  It can survive about three rounds of heavy scraping before you get the knife onto the sharpening stone. There is a magnet inside of the leather sheath, it can hold the plaque, so you don't lose the plaques anymore. These knives hold an edge longer than most standard DHG knives and come in right or left-handed options and in soft or hard.  These knives have a decorative wood handle that fits comfortably in the hand with equal weight distribution.  An excellent addition to those who want a knife similar to Landwell with a heavier blade.



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