Maxwell Bassoon Profiler G11 Series

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The Maxwell Bassoon Profiler is a hand-assembled profiler made by Dr. Susan Maxwell, bassoon professor at Kansas State University. The profiler possesses a number of features for ease of use. The numbered dials on the adjustors make it easy to keep track of changes and make your ideal settings easy to replicate. The four-sided replaceable blade makes it so you don't need to sharpen as often, and replacement blades are relatively inexpensive. The chip setting is adjustable; as a result, you can change the amount of cane taken out with each pass. This profiler also features online support. You can contact Dr. Maxwell for guidance and assistance with using the machine.

The Maxwell profiler comes with the following: One four-sided blade already installed, a set of hex wrenches for adjustment, and a user handbook, complete with glossary and website access information for support website.

This profiler is very user friendly and adjustable! Please give us a call for more information.

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