Landwell DHG Knife - 'D'


*Product Update*

Since there have been a lot of questions regarding this particular knife, we reached out to Landwell to get specifics regarding the 'D' model and how it differs from the standard Landwell DHG knives.

Unfortunately, it was mis-identified as the 'Douvas' model. This is not the case. While Landwell has consulted with a number of professional oboists throughout the years, including Ms. Douvas, there is not a knife that has been produced to any player's exact specifications. This knife is also NOT modeled after a Herder style knife. The 'D' classification is simply to separate it from the standard Landwell knife geometry.

The Standard Landwell knife is pre-ground at the edge on one side for right handed use or on the other side for left handed use. The 'D' knife has this pre-ground feature on both sides so the knife can be used either right or left handed. This makes the edge thinner, finer and more fragile than the normal Landwell.

We find that the user needs to be very experienced to be successful when using the D knife. Without adequate care in use and re-sharpening, the edge will chip. Therefore, we recommend the D only for experienced reed makers who need that extra degree of fineness and have the skill to use and resharpen the knife successfully.

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