K&M Bassoon Stand


The K&M bassoon stand features a sturdy design. While many stands emphasize a compact form factor, the K&M bassoon stand defies that trend. At 6 pounds with a large span between the feet, this stand is not easily knocked over and remains one of the safest options for your instrument. However, the K&M bassoon stand is not very portable as a result. This is a great option for a stable, at-home bassoon stand option that doesn't travel with you.


Model 15010

Fully adjustable, with compact folding design.

Base diameter: 31.496 "
Height: from 27.559 to 47.244"
Instrument support: felt-lined
Leg construction: tube legs with cross braces
Material: steel
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Size when folded: 7.283 x 5.315 x 25.394"
Special features: support width can be adjusted individually to the size of the instrument
Suitable for: bassoon
Support width: from 2.244 to 3.425"
Type: black
Weight: 6.211 lbs

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