Jasper Bassoon Reeds


Handmade following precise specifications, Jasper Reeds are fully finished and ready to use out of the tube. These American standard style reeds are made using the SVH shape and with a parallel scrape. Jasper Reeds are play tested on a 6000 Heckel bassoon, fitting a CC2XL Heckel bocal. They are approximately 54-55mm in total length (27mm tube). Jasper Reeds are bound with clear non-toxic hot glue and made with cane hand processed by the maker. They are scraped to prioritize intonation and response.


Upon receiving your reeds, soak them until they seal (close off the back with your finger, suck the air out of the front— the reed should seal and open with a popping sound). Then, check the wires. If loose, adjust with pliers until just snug. If the reed is sharp and overly resistant, flatten the first wire to weaken the reed and close the tip. If the reed is flat and too free-blowing, round the first wire to strengthen the reed and open the tip. Rounding the second wire will strengthen the reed and close the tip, making the reed sharper, less stiff, and darkening the tone. Flattening the second wire does the opposite, opening the tip but weakening the reed, making the reed flatter and brightening the tone.

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