Infinity Knife by MusEcho


At long last, we're thrilled to add the Infinity Knife by MusEcho!

Designed to all but erase the stress of sharpening your knives, the Infinity knife makes it possible to simply scrape until it's time to replace the blade and move on! The handle allows you to set the knife as either left or right handed by simply moving the position of the blade. While the housing is set the blade is locked in place. When it's time to replace the blade, simply unlock the housing, slide the dull blade out, and slide a new one into place. Each knife includes a 10-pack of replacement blades. We also sell replacement 10-packs of blades as well.

This knife revolutionizes the way we approach reed making. Eliminating the need to regrind and resharpen, you're free to scrape. These knives have been highly sought after and praised by major orchestral oboists across the world.

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