Goldbaum bassoon plaque


From maker and bassoonist, Jessica Goldbaum:

An improved version of the infamous Prestini bassoon plaque is here!!

Those of you who have experienced a Prestini plaque know how valuable it is. But what makes this plaque so special? Seriously…what’s the big deal?

In short, the center to side taper of this plaque is ideal for fitting inside of a reed without distorting the natural curvature of the reed’s blades. Most plaques do the opposite: they end up pushing the channels/rails upward, leading to a slew of problems like taking too much cane off of the sides, creating bizarre tapers at the tip, etc., etc., etc. Translation: a lot of time wasted and a lot of reeds that don’t work.

My version of the Prestini plaque is slightly narrower than the original, making it even easier to get a good taper at the rails, and it’s heat-treated, making the metal super hard and all the more durable. It’s also machined instead of handmade, making variation from plaque to plaque virtually non-existent. What you get is a plaque that makes it simple to discern where to take cane off and how far to go.

Key specifications:

-CNC machined to precise measurements, then hand finished

-Now made of plastic

-the plaque's taper from center to sides is ideal for reed dimensions. It does not distort the natural curvature of the cane

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