Weissenborn: Bassoon Method, edited by Frank Morelli


The First Complete Weissenborn Method and Studies Op. 8, vol. 1 and 2, with Milde 25 Scale and Chord Studies Op. 24, edited by Frank Morelli.

  • Carl Fischer's Bettoney edition of the Weissenborn Method, in print for more than 85 Years, has been revised adn expanded by noted bassoonist and teacher, Frank Morelli.
  • For the first time, Weissenborn's Method and both volumes of his Op. 8 Studies are presented in one book
  • As in the Bettoney edition, Ludwg Milde's Scale and Chord Studies are also included.
  • Newly added lessons introduce all notes beyond high B♭ to High E while affording the student the opportunity to master the tenor clef.
  • A new, innovative Studey Key has been provided, organizing the entirety of the book's contents into a fully integrated method. This allows the student and the teacher to easily locate music, exercises, and studies found in the rest of the book appropriate for study at each lesson's level of advancement.
  • A new section "Intermediate Studies" by Julius Weissenborn, provides an important bridge to the more advanced studies that follow.
  • Frank Morelli's "The Essentials of Bassoon Playing" and "Advanced Practice Methods for Improving Intonation, Tone Production, Tonging and Finger Technique" offer comprehensive basic and advanced pedagogical instruction.
  • To further enhance the learning experience, thirty-six Bonus Duets have been added, based upon popular themes and many important orchestral bassoon solos.
  • "Fun Facts" have been added to promote greater musical appreciation and curiosity
  • Modernized fingering charts and a revised and expanded glossary complete this landmark volume.

Publisher: Carl Fischer.

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