Finale Hygrometer Clarinet Reed Case


Designed to fit 4 or 8 Bb clarinet reeds or smaller, these reed cases are made of a durable blue acrylic designed to keep your reeds at the perfect humidity. The large model includes a center compartment that holds a plaque for reed adjustments.


Maintaining the “Finale” 4 or 8 Reed Case by Robert DiLutis

Each reed case comes ready to use. Simply fill all the positions in the case and allow 1–2 days for the reeds to acclimate. The beads in the humidifier are preconditioned to maintain a specific humidity level of 60-70%. This is the ideal level for maintaining your reeds when they are stored. The humidification beads automatically adjust as necessary to maintain a perfect environment. These beads never wear out as long as they are properly maintained. Maintenance is as simple as adding distilled water when they dry out. Add 3-4 drops of water to return the beads to a larger/clear shade. If the humidity level is too high remove the vent hole screws on the back edge of the case.


The case should be cleaned with only soap and water to avoid discoloring the finish. Polish with a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints.



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