Buffet Crampon Tradition Bb Nickel Plated Keys


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The NEW Tradition has a new look, feel, sound and is wonderful! The intonation is impeccable even through the throat tones, the core Buffet sound is back with a rounded R13 like bell and with the addition of the low F correction the weight is not too heavy. For what you get in a clarinet the price point will get you thinking...

Are you interested in trying more than one clarinet before purchasing?Ā  Contact us--we do instrument trials on all of our new and used instruments.Ā  If you'd rather purchase this instrument without a trial, we are happy to help you, however, please note that there will be a return fee if you decide that you do not want to keep it.Ā  Please see ourĀ return policyĀ for more information.Ā  Shipping and billing must match and once shipped it cannot be rerouted. We encourage you to use our unique and convenient instrument trial program so we can help you get the instrument that best suits your needs!

All of our professional clarinets are hand-selected at either the Buffet Crampon headquarters in the US, or the factory in France.Ā  After hand-selection, the instruments receiveĀ a complete set-up in our repair shop.Ā  This includes:Ā  resurfacing tone holes, pad upgrades, pad reseating and leveling, key fitting, and tension adjustments.Ā  Once the set-up is complete, our clarinet repair technician will play-test the instrument to ensure everything is in good working order from a repair standpoint, and then one of our clarinetists will play-test it to ensure everything is good from a player's perspective.Ā  We do this atĀ no additional chargeĀ for you (work is valued at $450).


Inspired by the pre-1950s BC20 clarinet, the Buffet Tradition features a brand new cylindrical bore design, complimenting the R13 and RC bore families and adding a new acoustic dimension to the brandā€™s catalog. With a purity of sound that harkens back to the tone produced by the BC20, the result is an instrument that presents a clear, focused, rich sound suitable for any acoustic environment and an even scale for consistent intonation throughout all registers.

For the first time in Buffet's 190 year history, this new clarinet was developed by a team of Buffet Crampon Artists from both America and France: the American team, composed of Jonathan Gunn, Burt Hara, Victoria Luperi, Mark Nuccio and Gregory Raden; The French team, composed of Michel Arrignon, Nicolas Baldeyrou and Paul Meyer. And what a result! Our panel of American and French Artists were unanimous in the name for this new Buffet Crampon Clarinet: TRADITION.

Features include:

-New cylindrical bore design
-Premium unstained African blackwood
-Tosca tone hole placement (improved intonation)
-Unplated posts (increased resonance)
-Silver or nickel plated keys
-Left hand Eb/Ab key
-Metal-capped tenons
-Two barrels
-Leather covered pouchette case

Available in Bb and A models


Michel Arrignon,Ā Nicolas Baldeyrou,Ā Jonathan Gunn,Ā Burt Hara,Ā Victoria Luperi,Ā Paul Meyer,Ā Mark NuccioĀ andĀ Greg Raden. These American and French artists partnered together with Buffet Crampon Research & Development Team to develop a new professional clarinet in its most natural form: The Tradition.

The Tradition clarinet harkens back to the purity of sound produced by the BC20. The result is an instrument that presents a clear, focused, rich sound suitable for any acoustic environment and an even scale for consistent intonation throughout all registers.

Therefore, these innovations allow the amateur or professional clarinetist to focus on making music, rather than constantly adjusting their embouchure and voicing.

ā€œSound at its purest levelā€ is the best description for this new professional clarinet.




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