Learn More about the Bassoon Bocal Department

MMI offers expertise in every aspect of music and instruments. Our team of bassoon bocal specialists are available to help you with all of your bassoon needs. Let us help you find the perfect bocal to match your bassoon!

Work With a Specialist

Katie and Jessica know bassoons and bocals inside and out and are here to assist with all of your bocal questions.  Get bocal assistance from someone who’s happy to help you get the most out of your instrument and assist you in finding a perfectly matched bocal to your bassoon!

Buy New

Interested in a brand new bocal? Browse our selection of online inventory or stop in to work with one of our experts. We’ll find you the right bocal, at the right price!

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Buy Used

Looking for a new bocal, but for a little less? Our selection of refurbished bocals are well maintained by our team of professionals to ensure you receive only the highest quality. Shop our selection today!

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Other Bocal Services

MMI offers comprehensive bocal services. Select a service below and find what you need today.

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