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Whether you’re a student just starting out or an experienced musician ready to upgrade your instrument, it’s important to test an instrument before purchasing. At Midwest Musical Imports, we understand the subtle nuances of each instrument, so we offer one-week instrument trials, free except for the cost of shipping. Our staff of passionate, experienced woodwind experts are here to guide you through the process of selecting a new instrument.

If you’d like to request an instrument trial, please complete the form below, or call us at 1-800-926-5587. One of our woodwind specialists will contact you to help find the instrument that best fits your individual needs. For more information, read our tips to make the most of your instrument trial instrument trial policy.

We are pleased to offer instrument financing through First Mutual Bank. The application can be done entirely online and is quick and easy. The application is found here.

Instrument Financing

We look forward to helping you make music!

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Trial Policy

We offer a one week trial for new or used instruments. The one-week policy helps us accommodate all of our customers (an extension may be available). Up to three oboes, three English horns, two bassoons, or four bocals can be tried at one time, in order to compare different models or to pick the best particular instrument of one model. A valid credit card is needed to secure the trial. For your convenience, we do not require a security deposit or a hold on your card for the full value of the instrument, but we do require a reference from a teacher or colleague. For security purposes, we also require that instrument trials are shipped to the billing address of the credit card. All shipping charges are to be paid by the customer, whether or not an instrument is purchased. You may try as many instruments as you like, as long as you are willing to pay the shipping charges. We do our best to keep our trial shipping rates as low as possible and may be the lowest in the industry. Please call us for current shipping rates for instrument and bocal trials. If you do not use our return service, you must insure instruments for their full value when returning them to our shop. Trial period extensions are sometimes possible if you are having trouble making the final decision. Please note that sometimes, there is a waiting list for certain instruments that are in high demand (especially used instruments). If you decide to purchase an instrument, payment can be made by credit card (MC, VISA, Discover, American Express), check, or money order. We do not allow trials outside of the U.S. Please call MMI at 800-926-5587 for further information.

Dear Midwest, I just received my oboe and English horn back from you all in the mail, and of course couldn’t wait to get some reeds out and play them. All I can say over and over... read more >