Yamaha Venova Casual Wind Instrument


Have fun making music!
Now there's an instrument simple and durable enough to take anywhere. Just blow into it and have fun making this wind instrument sing! More powerful than it looks, the Venova can also handle delicate melodies. The more you play, the more you'll discover its wide expressive range.
With your Venova, the music and smiles never stop!

Light and compact – you can take it anywhere.
Whether out for the day or going on a trip, it’s easy to carry. And with the Venova you'll have more fun!

Low maintenance and easy to clean.
Liven up the mood wherever you go—at the beach, a BBQ, or out camping. Caught in the rain? No problem, the Venova can get wet and keep playing!

Play casually with friends, at music sessions or even live performances
Venova lets you blast powerful notes or produce beautiful soft melodies, offering a rich range of musical expression. As versatile as the performer, it’s great for any type of music.

Sound and size made possible by innovative technologies.
Yamaha developed a unique branched pipe structure and meandering pipe design that give the Venova a surprisingly rich saxophone-like tone and an amazingly compact size.

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