Woodwind Pickup Bocal Adapter


Due to the nature of this product it can not be purchased directly from our online shop.

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This is the adapter only for use with a Little-Jake bassoon pickup, made in the Midwest Musical Imports shop. This is for customers that already have the electric equipment but want another bocal modified. This must be soldered to the bocal (or neck of saxophone or bass clarinet) and a small hole drilled through the bocal by a repair technician. If you would like the work done in our shop, please indicate this in the customer comments section of your order. We will contact you with information on shipping your bocal to us.
For a complete packaged completed with selected bocal with the adapter already installed click here or call 800-926-5587.
The full bundle with the pickup and preamp (no bocal) can be found here.
If you would just like to purchase an adapted bocal, please call us at 800-926-5587.


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