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Wolf Contraforte #810xxx


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The Contraforte is a redesigned contrabassoon, developed by Benedikt Eppelsheim and manfactured by Guntram Wolf. Recently overhauled, this instrument is in optimal condition and is a worthy instrument for any contrabassoon aficionado.

This instrument possesses a rich, powerful tone. It also utilizes an ergonomic key system, redesigned from the ground up to make the playing experience easier. It reaches down to low A, and uses a system of flageolet keys (held by bicycle cables) that increases the upper range of the instrument a whole octave. Ever wanted to play the Rite of Spring solo on a contra? Now you can!

Included with this contraforte are two forged bocals with the flageolet key attachments. It comes in a large roller hard case for ease of transportation.

Normally this instrument is custom-order only, so this is a rare opportunity to try this unique instrument. If you would like to set up an in-store appointment to try the contraforte, email Nick at

PLEASE NOTE! This instrument can be shipped for trial, but because of the value and risk of shipping it, a deposit will be required to ship this instrument.


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