Weasel Bassoon Reed


*Special Note: There will be NO backorders for Weasel Bassoon Reeds - limited stock will be available periodically until further notice*

Handmade bassoon reed. Vibrant and responsive in all registers.

Adjustment tips from the reed maker:
"Soak the entire reed for 3 minutes, until the first wire becomes snug. If the reed is too soft, or sags the third space E, play the reed for 5 minutes in the low register for a day or two. The reed should stiffen up. If it does not, trim .5mm from the tip. If the reed is too stiff, or not free-blowing enough, take some 320 grit sand paper to the center (heart) and back half of the reed to remove just a little bit of cane on both blades. Do this until the reed frees up to your liking."

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