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Used Wolf S2000+V Bassoon #12xx


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At a Glance

  • Made in 2016
  • Comes with a Heckel CC2 bocal
  • Comes in a Lupobag gig bag

The Wolf S2000+V features a birds-eye maple body and ergonomic key work. It boasts a nice, dark German sound and even scale. Especially with the paired Heckel bocal, this bassoon has what it takes to go the distance, and the current owner is only switching because they upgraded to a Heckel. This instrument makes a great alternative to a 220 or 240! If you're looking for a strong instrument for an advanced student and crave that German bassoon sound, this is a great option.

The cash/check price is $9,500. The credit card price is $9,785.

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