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USED - Selmer "SBA" Alto Saxophone S#367XX (1948)


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Here's a vintage Selmer "SBA" alto saxophone from 1948 with matching neck S# that shows no signs of a pull down. The pads are all in great condition and most of the lacquer is intact. We did not overhaul this saxophone but our repair shop did level the low Eb tone hole, replaced that pad, the high C key pad and increased the low C# spring tension.

The low C key guard shows signs of being resoldered and is slightly pushed into the body. This saxophone is also missing the inside body/post guard and some of the engraving seems to have oxidized giving it a white or very light blue color which is visible in the photos. Neither of those issues will affect the sound and it's priced $1000-$3000 less than most of the other SBAs on the used market.

The inside of the saxophone could also use a cleaning but it plays well and has a very nice sound with good intonation.


Please contact Brandon [email protected] with any questions or to take this instrument out on a 7-Day instrument trial.




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